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DIN StE380(S380N)
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This steel is fine grain and low alloy steel of Structural in Germany, we can produce plate, flat, belt, sheet, wire coil, square bar, round rod, pipe,forged valve body, forged rings, forged multidiameter shafts etc for this steel
Steel Grade DIN StE380(S380N)
Material No. 1.8900
C(%)≤ 0.2
Si(%) 0.10~0.60
Mn(%)≤ 1.00~1.70
P(%)≤ 0.035
S(%)≤ 0.03
N(%)≤ 0.02
Al(%) 0.02
Cr(%)≤ 0.3
Cu(%)≤ 0.20②
Mo(%)≤ 0.08②
Ni(%)≤ 1
Nb(%)≤ 0.05
Ti(%)≤ —⑤
V(%) 0.2
Nb+Ti+V(%)⑥ 0.22
Tensile Strength|σb/Mpa
Tensile Strength|σb/Mpa
Tensile Strength|σb/Mpa
Tensile Strength|σb/Mpa
Tensile Strength|σb/Mpa
Normal Temp Yield Strength|σ/MPa(≤16mm) 380
Normal Temp Yield Strength|σ/MPa(16-35mm) 375
Normal Temp Yield Strength|σ/MPa(35-50mm) 365
Normal Temp Yield Strength|σ/MPa(50-60mm) 355
Normal Temp Yield Strength|σ/MPa(60-70mm) 345
Normal Temp Yield Strength|σ/MPa(70-85mm) 335
Normal Temp Yield Strength|σ/MPa(85-100mm) 325
Normal Temp Yield Strength|σ/MPa(100-125mm) 315
Normal Temp Yield Strength|σ/MPa(125-150mm) 305
Extensibility|δ5≥(%) 20
Flexual Center Dia Cold-bend Test(180℃/L) 2.5a
Flexual Center Dia Cold-bend Test(180℃/T)⑥⑦ 3.5a
Sample Direction L/T⑧⑨ L/T
Ballistic|αkv≥(J/cm^2)(+10℃) 51/31
Ballistic|αkv≥(J/cm^2)(+0℃) 47/31
Ballistic|αkv≥(J/cm^2)(-10℃) 43/24
Ballistic|αkv≥(J/cm^2)(-20℃) 39/21
Ballistic|αkv≥(J/cm^2)(-30℃) —/—
Ballistic|αkv≥(J/cm^2)(-40℃) —/—
Ballistic|αkv≥(J/cm^2)(-50℃) —/—
Ballistic|αkv≥(J/cm^2)(-60℃) —/—

①, It is European standard steel grade in parenthesis, it have been revised by DIN EN 10028-5+6(1997) and DIN EN 10113(1993)
②, The balance of Cr+Cu+Mo is under 0.45%.        
③, When the steel have Cu element, then the Cu is under 0.70%.    
④, When the steel have Ni element, then the Ni is under 0.85%.    
⑤, When the steel have Ti element, then the Ti is under 0.20%.    
⑥, a-->Testing sample thickness.          
⑦, When the thickness is more than 70mm, the flexual center diameter is 0.5a.
⑧, The testing sample is V form according to ISO.       
⑨, This result apply to the thickness which is from 10mm to 150mm, and it is average value of three samples.

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