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Steel Grade : SM520YBOld Steel Grade: SM53BThinkness(mm): ≤100 CHEMICAL COMPOSITION(SM520YB)C(%): ≤0.20Si(%):...
Steel Grade :   SM520YB
Old Steel Grade: SM53B
Thinkness(mm):  ≤100
C(%):         ≤0.20
Si(%):    ≤0.55
Mn(%):      ≤1.60
P(%):         0.035
S(%):        0.035
CE:        0.47
Other(%):        -
Remark(SM520YB): -
Yield Point|σs≥/MPa|d≤16mm:    365
Yield Point|σs≥/MPa|d=16~40mm:    355
Yield Point|σs≥/MPa|d=40~75mm:    335
Yield Point|σs≥/MPa|d=75~100mm:   325
Yield Point|σs≥/MPa|d=100~160mm:  —
Yield Point|σs≥/MPa|d=160~200mm:  —
Yield Point|σs≥/MPa|d>40mm:    -
Tensile Strength|σb≥/MPa|d>100mm:      520~640
Tensile Strength|σb≥/MPa|d=100~200mm: —
AKV(0℃)/J:   ≥27
Extensibility≥|d/mm:    <5;5~16;16~50;>4
Extensibility≥|δ(%):    19;15;19;21

Introduction Structural Steel(SM520YB)
Structural steel is to point to a specific strength and formability of grades of steel.Formability expressed as a percentage elongation after interruption of tensile test.Structural steel, generally for hosting purposes, in the strength of these USES of sinosteel is an important design criteria.
Classification of Structural Steel
Structural steels can be subdivided into: alloy structural steel, carbon structural steel and low alloy steel, heat-resistant steel, and so on.
Compared to high quality carbon structural steel and ordinary carbon structural steel, sulfur, phosphorus and other non-metallic inclusion content is low.According to carbon content and purpose is different, this kind of steel is roughly divided into three categories:
1, less than 0.25% C for low carbon steel, notably the carbon less than 0.10% of the 08 f, 08 al and so on, because has the very good deep-drawing property and weldability and is widely used for deep drawing parts such as cars, can...Such as, 20 g is the main material of ordinary boiler.In addition, low carbon steel as carburizing steel, widely used in mechanical manufacturing industry.
More than 2, 0.25 ~ 0.60% C for medium carbon steel, used in the quenched and tempered state, making parts of machinery manufacturing industry.How many 22 ~ 34 HRC conditioning, gets the comprehensive mechanical properties, also facilitate cutting.
More than 3, more than 0.6% C for high carbon steel, used in the manufacture of springs, gears, roll, etc., according to different manganese content, and can be divided into ordinary manganese content (0.25 ~ 0.8%) and high manganese content (0.7 ~ 1.0% and 0.9 ~ 1.2%) steel group.Manganese can improve the hardenability of steel, strengthen the ferrite, improve the steel yield strength, tensile strength and abrasion resistance.Usually in the high manganese steel grades after additional tags "Mn", such as 15 Mn, 20 Mn to distinguish it from normal carbon steel containing manganese content.
Carbon tool steel carbon content between 0.65 ~ 1.35%, high hardness and high wear resistance can be obtained after heat treatment, mainly used in the manufacture of a variety of tools, cutting tool, mould and measuring tool.

Specification Introduction
We manufacture and supply steel products with following specifications:
Round bar / Wire rod (Diameter):  0.50mm to 3000mm
Square bar / Flat bar: 3mm to 2000mm
Plate / Sheet steel / Steel strip: 0.1mm to 2500mm
Width: 8mm to 2500mm
Length: random length or based on the customer's special requirement.
Forged steel shape: stepped shafts with flanks / discs /tubes /slugs /donuts /cubes /other different shapes based on OEM.
Pipes / Tubings: OD 3-219 mm, with wall thickness ranging from 0.50 to 35 mm.
Finished goods condition: hot forging/hot rolling + annealing/normalizing + empering/quenching + tempering + any other conditions based on the customer's requirement
Surface conditions: scaled (hot working finished)/ground/rough machining/fine machining. Based on the customer's special requirements.
Furnaces for metallurgical processing: EAF + LF/ VD/ VOD/ AOD/ ESR/Vacuum consumable electrode.
Ultrasonic inspection: 100% ultrasonic inspection for any inperfection or based on the customer's requirement.
Excellent service for all kinds of industries with advantages of technologies, equipment and price strategy.

Warehouse Stock: Round bar & Disc (Form)
17-4PH, 15-5PH, ASTM 630, S17400, X5CrNiCuNbl6-4, DIN 1.4542
202, 201, 2507, 2205, 316Ti, 301A, 302, 303, 304L, 304S, 310S, 314, 316L, 316LF, 317L, 321
616, 440B, 440C, 431, 430FR, 430F, 430, 422, 416, 410, 405
DIN 1.4731, DIN 1.4021, DIN 1.4016, DIN 1.4571, DIN 1.4418, DIN1.4104, DIN 1.4057
DIN 1.4913 (forged disc Diameter 300 X thickness 200), DIN 1.4935, DIN 1.4988, DIN 1.4986
DIN 1.4922, DIN 1.4923, ASTM 216 (Flat bar 18X 150 X1500)

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