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ASTM 4320H
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This is bearing steel in the United States by ASTM standard, we can produce plate, flat, belt, sheet, wire coil, square bar, round rod, pipe,forged valve body,forged rings, forged multidiameter shafts etc for this steel
Steel Grade : ASTM 4320H
Tpye : Anti friction bearing carburizing steel①(ASTMA534—1994)
C(%) : 0.17~0.23
Si(%) : 0.15~0.35
Mn(%) : 0.40~0.70
P(%)≤ : 0.025
S(%)≤ : 0.025
Cr(%) : 0.35~0.65
Mo(%) : 0.20~0.30
Ni(%) : 1.55~2.00
Other(%) :
①, The steel grade is AISI/SAE series, the content have been adjusted for P, S and  individual Si.
②, It should have the following elements in steel if not specified: Cr≤0.20%,Mo≤0.10%,Ni≤0.25%,Cu≤0.35%.
③, The whole aluminum and oxygen content should be the following:Alt≤0.050%,O2≤0.0015%.


Introduction Bearing Steel
Bearing steel is used in the manufacture of ball bearing, roller bearing ring and steel.Bearing steel has high and even hardness and wear resistance, and high elastic limit.On the uniformity of the chemical composition of bearing steel, the content and distribution of non-metallic inclusions are very demanding, the distribution of the carbide, etc, are all steel production in one of the most demanding steel grade.In 1976, the international organization for standardization ISO incorporate the bearing steel grade of some common international standards, the bearing steel is divided into: the hardening type bearing steel, surface hardening type bearing steel, high temperature stainless bearing steel, bearing steel, a total of 17 steel grade four class.
The structure
Bearing steel and high carbon chromium steel, omega c is approximately 1%, the carbon content of chromium content in cr omega is 0.5% - 1.65%.Bearing steel is divided into high carbon chromium bearing steel, chromium bearing steel, carburized bearing steel, stainless bearing steel, high temperature bearing steels and anti magnetic bearing steel six categories.
Physical Properties
The physical properties of the bearing steel mainly to check the decarburization layer, non-metallic inclusion, microstructure, macrostructure.Usually in hot rolled annealed, cold-drawn annealing delivery of the goods.Delivery status should be indicated in the contract.The macrostructure of steel must be free of shrinkage cavity and subcutaneous bubbles, white spots and microscopic pore.Which center loose loose, must not exceed 1.5 on the Richter scale, segregation shall not exceed the level 2.Steel annealing organization should be evenly distributed fine granular pearlite.Decarburization layer depth, non-metallic inclusions and carbide uneven degree should be in conformity with the relevant national standards of the relevant provisions.
Ball bearing steel is used in the manufacture of rolling bearings, roller and sleeve and other types of steel, also can be used in the production of precision measuring tool, cold stamping dies, machine screw, such as punching die, measuring tool, tap and diesel engine oil pump precision matching parts.Bearing steel is used in the manufacture of ball bearing, roller bearing ring and steel.


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