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This is spring steel in the United States by ASTM and AISI standard, we can produce plate, flat, belt, sheet, wire coil, square bar, round rod, pipe,forged valve body,forged rings, forged multidiameter shafts etc for this steel
Specification and Steel Grade : ASTM A229
Type : High-Carbon Steel
Main Chemical Compositions|(%) : C0.55~0.85,Mn0.30~1.20
Strength of Extension|σb/MPa : I grade:1140~2020,II grade:1320~2330
Elasticity Modulus|E/GPa : 210
Torsional Property|σb Min(%) : 45
Rigidity Modulus|G/GPa : 80
Hardness|HRC : 42~55
Working Temperature|/℃ : 120
Features and Use : Used for general purposes of spring,need heat treatment before produce
①, For helical compression  spring or tension spring, the distorting stress should be 75% of σb minimum.
②, It is the United States federal specification.


Introduction Spring Steel
Spring steel is due to quenching and tempering in the state of elasticity, specially used in the manufacture of steel spring and the elastic element.The elastic steel depends on its ability to elastic deformation, namely in the scope of regulation, the elastic deformation of the ability to absorb a certain amount of load, the load without permanent deformation after removal.Should spring steel has excellent comprehensive performance, such as mechanical properties (especially the elastic limit, ultimate strength, showed), play reduce resistance (namely elasticity decreased resistance, also known as relaxation resistance), fatigue performance, hardenability, physical and chemical properties, heat resistant, good low temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.).In order to meet the performance requirements, spring steel has good metallurgical quality (high purity and uniformity), good surface quality, strictly control the surface defect and decarburization), accurate shape and size.
Performance Requirement
Spring in shock, vibration or long-term stress, so the spring steel has high tensile strength, elastic limit, high fatigue strength.Requirements on craft spring steel decarburization has certain hardenability, not easily, good surface quality, etc Carbon spring steel or carbon content WC from 0.6% to 0.9% range of high quality carbon structural steel.Alloy spring steel is mainly silicon manganese steel, slightly lower their carbon content, mainly by increasing the silicon content of Wsi to improve performance;In addition to chant, tungsten, vanadium alloy spring steel.In recent years, China resources, and according to the requirements of automobile and tractor design new technology developed on the basis of silicon manganese steel join molybdenum, niobium, boron and other elements of the new steel grade, prolong the service life of the spring, improve the quality of the spring.
Manufacturing Technique
Spring steel commonly available electric stove, open hearth or oxygen converter production;Better quality or high quality spring steel with special performance, with electroslag furnace and vacuum furnace refining.Spring steel of carbon, manganese, silicon and other narrow the scope of the provisions of the main elements content, refining chemicals must be strictly controlled.High silicon content easy to form bubbles, ingot forging cooling after rolling was easy to produce the white dots.Therefore, metallurgical raw materials must be dry, as far as possible to remove gases and inclusions, and avoid molten steel overheating.
Heat Treatment
High strength and fatigue limit of spring steel demand, general used in quenching + tempering temperature conditions, in order to obtain higher elastic limit.Heat treatment technology on spring inner quality has a vital influence.Therefore, how to further improve the fatigue life of spring, it is necessary to further study, especially the chemical surface modifying heat treatment, shot peening etc have important influence on fatigue life of spring.In order to further strengthen the surface of the valve spring, increase the compressive strength, improve the fatigue life, valve springs after forming, to further after nitriding, the cryogenic liquid carbonitriding or sulfur nitrogen altogether permeability treatment, and then by shot peening.
Spring steel class, quite useful.Manufacture all kinds of springs, such as automobile, motorcycle, tractor plate spring, coil spring and cylinder valve spring and some important spring work under high stress, the wear serious spring, steam turbine gland spring, spring, condenser supporting spring adjustment and high pressure water pump disc spring, etc.

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