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This is cemented carbide steel in the United States, we can produce plate, flat, belt, sheet, wire coil, square bar, round rod, pipe,forged valve body, forged rings, forged multidiameter shafts etc for this steel
Steel Grade : C-2
Chemical Composition(%)|WC : 90.5~94.1
Chemical Composition(%)|TiC : 0~4.5
Chemical Composition(%)|TaC(NbC) : 0~4.0
Chemical Composition(%)|Co : 5.0~80
Density/(g/cm^3) : 14.9
Hardness HRA : 91.5~92.5
Bending Strength/MPa : 1450~2070
Application : Used in cast iron, nonferrous metals, non-metallic materials processing in general


Introduction Cemented Carbide
Cemented carbide is made of refractory metal hard compound and binding metal through powder metallurgy technology made of an alloy material.
Cemented carbide with high hardness, wear resistance, good strength and toughness, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and a series of excellent properties, especially its high hardness and wear resistance, even under the temperature of 500 ℃ is basic remains the same, there are still very high hardness at 1000 ℃.
Cemented carbide with high hardness, strength, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, known as the "teeth" industry, used in the manufacture of cutting tool, cutting tool, cobalt and wear-resistant parts, widely used in the military-industrial complex, aviation, machinery, metallurgy, oil drilling, mining tools, electronic communications, construction and other fields, along with the development of downstream industries, carbide increasing market demand.And the future of new and high technology weapons and equipment manufacturing, cutting-edge science and technology progress and the rapid development of nuclear energy, will improve the stability of high technology content and high quality of hard alloy products demand.
Carbide can also be used to make the drilling tools and mining tools, drilling tools, measuring gage, wear-resistant parts, metal abrasive, cylinder liner, precision bearings, nozzle, hardware mold (such as wire drawing die, bolt moulds, nut moulds, as well as a variety of fasteners, mold, excellent performance of cemented carbide gradually replaced the previous steel mold).
Over the past twenty years, coated cemented carbide also appeared.Sweden in 1969 the successful development of titanium carbide coating tool, cutting tool matrix is cobalt tungsten titanium carbide or cobalt tungsten carbide, titanium carbide coating on the surface of the thickness of just a few microns, but compared with the same brand of alloy cutting tools, 3 times longer service life, cutting speed increased by 25% ~ 50%.Have appeared in the 1970 s the fourth generation of coating tools, can be used for cutting hard material to processing.
The performance characteristics
High hardness (86 ~ 93 hra, equivalent to 69-81 HRC);
Good red hardness (up to 900 ~ 1000 ℃, 60 HRC);
Good abrasion resistance.
Carbide cutting tools 4 ~ 7 times higher than the high speed steel cutting speed and tool life high 5 ~ 80 times.Manufacture of moulds, measuring tool, 20 ~ 150 times higher than alloy tool steel.Can be hard material cutting around 50 HRC.
But carbide brittleness is big, cannot undertake machining, hard to make complex shape overall tool, so often made into different shapes of blades, the methods of welding, bonding, mechanical clamping installed on the blade or mold concrete use.
Classification of alloy
(1) tungsten carbide cobalt class
Main ingredients are tungsten carbide (WC) and the binder cobalt (Co).
General tungsten cobalt alloys mainly practical in: carbide cutting tools, moulds and geological mining products.
(2) cobalt tungsten titanium carbide
Main ingredients is tungsten carbide, titanium carbide (TiC) and cobalt.Its brand by the "YT" (" hard, titanium "two word pinyin word first) and the average content of titanium carbide.
(3) tungsten titanium tantalum, niobium carbide
Main ingredients are tungsten carbide, titanium carbide, tantalum carbide (or niobium carbide) and cobalt.This kind of cemented carbide is also called universal carbide or universal carbide.


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